One Crypto Wallet
To Rule Them All

With single click cross-chain swaps, CrossWallet is the
ultimate crypto wallet and DEX aggregator

The CrossWallet Solution

As a crypto enthusiast, you hold several assets in multiple wallets across different blockchains. With CrossWallet, you will only need one wallet to navigate the ever growing number of assets and networks.

One Crypto Wallet
To Rule Them All

CrossWallet allows you to track and
manage all of your assets

across multiple blockchain networks

  • Security

    Always be in control of your private keys with a single address to master all of your assets. With CrossWallet, you can receive tokens from any network on a single address.

  • Cross-Swap

    Swap assets between all available networks with a single button. Whether arbitrage trading or moving funds to access another network’s features, CrossWallet’s bridge enables you to seize these opportunities with maximum efficiency, convenience, and speed.

  • User Friendly

    Stop worrying about which address you are sending to or from, and which network you are connected to. With CrossWallet, your experience is streamlined into one easy to use interface. It’ll be so easy you won’t even know you’re interacting with blockchains.

  • Dex-Aggregator

    With CrossWallet’s Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum aggregators, you can monitor price and liquidity on both networks simultaneously to identify any arbitrage opportunities –– and profit before everyone else.

  • Airdrop

    We believe our product is a superior solution that will become the industry standard. CrossWallet will be providing lucrative airdrops to our users.

  • Smart Contract

    Smart contract capabilities are coming to multiple blockchains such as Polkadot and Cardano. CrossWallet is planning ahead by building a framework that will allow our software to utilize these new blockchains as soon as possible.

The Only Crypto Wallet You Will Ever Need

A wallet that holds any digital asset you want to hold, trade, or send, from tokens to NFTs.
A wallet that works on any device, either mobile or web.
A wallet that lets you seamlessly move between different blockchains.

Keep an eye out for full details about the CrossWallet IDO and launch on BSCPad & TronPad.


Q3 2021
  • DAPP testnet deployment
  • ERC20 token support
  • BEP20 token support
  • TRC20 token support
  • POLYGON token support
  • DAPP beta invitation program
  • Staking
  • Referral program
  • Audit
Q4 2021
  • DAPP public invitation program
  • Crosschain atomic swaps
  • ADA support
  • BTC support
  • SOL support
  • In wallet lending
  • IDO membership management
Q1 2022
  • Liquidity token management
  • Portfolio profit and loss
  • 7 day chart trend from CMC
  • Trending coin list
  • iOS App
  • Android App
Q2 2022
  • NFT Support
  • NFT Viewer
  • NFT Showcase
  • Wallet linked Visa card